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If you decide to stay at The Sun God Lodge in Taos again in the future, the telephone numbers for reservations are:  800-821-2437 toll free or 505-758-3162 or vist their website: 

We would like to thank The Sun God Lodge in Taos, New Mexico for their hospitality and hosting our family with rooms during our Memorial Day Reunion in Questa, New Mexico.  This is always a busy weekend in Taos, so we appreciate that rooms were set aside for our family to reserve for the reunion.  It was a great place to meet in the evening and just visit amongest ourselves when the day was done.  Wonderful memories were shared during these family conversations and short encounters. 

If you visit Taos in the future, you may want to select another fine hotel/motel in the Taos area.  If so, you may contact them if you are looking for another place to stay by clicking this link: Taos – Hotels and Motels